The best non-clinical teams contribute significantly to practice success, not just support it.

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The demands of the modern vet practice are such that non-clinical roles require the necessary skills, expertise and experience to drive and deliver practice strategy. Therefore finding, recruiting and keeping the best talent is vitally important to the future of your practice and business.

Elite Veterinary Staffing Solutions can help make the difference between finding a good candidate and a great one. Not only are we an award-winning recruitment agency in our own right, but we offer a wealth of specialist veterinary sector expertise and experience, both from a recruitment perspective and wider commercial involvement.

We are also pleased to announce our partnership with the British Veterinary Receptionist Association (BVRA) who drive standards and champion the contribution that non-clinical staff make. The veterinary receptionist is the customer facing focal point of the practice, often responsible for and required to perform a wide range of functions – not a role to appoint lightly.

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