When you speak to recruitment consultants or look at their websites you may find that everyone is saying the same thing!  “We are experts, we find fantastic candidates, blah blah blah”.  So how do you know whether the people in the team are genuinely as good as they say they are or if it’s just the same old marketing spiel with very little substance to back up the claims.

In this blog, I am lifting the veil on Elite Veterinary Staffing Solutions and talking you through what makes us a collective force to be reckoned with and the best choice of recruitment partner for your practice.

The fundamentals

Whether it be for clinical or non-clinical recruitment. we have designed and honed a specific seven step process for every vacancy.   This process involves taking a thorough brief, advertising a vacancy, shortlisting candidates, interviewing, presenting candidates through to negotiation and securing your perfect hire.   With clinical roles, we have adopted a proactive process involving building a network and reaching out to suitable people as so often today, adverts just don’t pack the punch required.

When you engage any professional to help you with something, you are paying for their knowledge of the subject matter and ability to get a job done thoroughly and to the highest standard and our approach to your recruitment is no different.  Our process is designed to leave no stone unturned, to ensure that you only spend your time meeting with vetted candidates and to give each and every person engaging with your vacancy a consistent level of service and in turn protecting your employer brand.

What services do we excel in?

Back of cigarette packet or detailed Job Description?

When a practice comes to us to fill a vacancy, it doesn’t matter to us whether you have put together a job description that is tantamount to war and peace or if you have the absolute bare bones jotted down on a used napkin.  We have the know how to talk you through a set of questions that will help to pull together the duties of the role, the ideal attributes of the required person and the absolute non negotiables of your next hire.  Every consultant in our business has been with us for a while and has been thoroughly trained to take you through this process.  When it comes to getting the right fit, we believe the devil is in the detail and we know the right questions to ask.

Finding a needle in a hay stack or a rare breed?

When it comes to sourcing candidates, we have many tools and resources at our fingertips.  For some positions, particularly non-clinical, we can be flooded with applicants and we thoroughly sift and vet each one to ensure that only the most appropriate candidates get through to our clients.  On the flip side in certain industries good talent can be scarce so we work tirelessly to uncover.   We have invested in technology to assist us with finding people along with ongoing training and development to remain at the cutting edge of talent acquisition.


Not feeling overly confident in your interviewing techniques?  Fortunately, we are all perfectly equipped to help you.  Firstly we put each of our applicants through a thorough two stage interview process before their CV’s even reach your inbox so you can feel reassured that the people sitting in front of you are already half way there.   When it comes to you getting involved, whether it’s providing you with some fantastic questions that leave you feeling like a pro or completely designing the process and carrying out the interview with you, we have it covered.  We will be there as much or as little as you need allowing you to have total clarity over your final decision.  Recently, we carried out a full interview day with a practice which we had designed with them and the questions and scoring had been clearly planned allowing for a robust process which gave them certainty over the right candidate.

Tests and vetting

If we hadn’t heard enough about testing recently to last us a lifetime, I’m afraid I’m going to bring it up again! This time though we are talking about how to make sure you are making the right decision over your new recruit.   If a certain set of skills are fundamental such as Microsoft excel, we have a suite of tests we can put them through.  However if you are recruiting clinicians where values are at the heart of your requirements, we have a process of values elicitation to ensure what matters to you, matters to them.

Not all heroes wear capes – our own super-powers

Our long standing and valued team at Elite are made up of a wonderful bunch of individuals who each bring their own strengths to the table.  As well as being experienced, trained and in receipt of continuous development from a recruiting perspective, we all have other qualities that we use in our dealings with clients and candidates.  I asked the team to give their own thoughts on what their colleague’s super powers are and this is what they came up with;

Adam – has the most wonderful warm and friendly personality with the ability to make people laugh and feel happy.  He is highly effective at building relationships and gets the best out of people.

Fiona – has an incredible ability to identify talent, she is task driven and very focused.  Despite being the youngest member of the team and our apprentice, she displays maturity and knowledge beyond her years.

Fran – is a naturally warm and caring person with a flair for building trust and excellent relationships.   Having been a fraud investigator and underwriter in her previous role, she is happy trawling through information and people to uncover hidden talent!

Tanya – is a very logical and process driven person who always sees the bigger picture of any task.  She has a knack of getting the right fit and she is totally unflappable and stays calm in any situation!

Emma – is tenacious and creative in finding solutions for people coupled with pure energy, driving herself and people around her.   She is able to shine positive light and provide direction and strength for others.

Sophie – is a beacon of light and warmth and people radiate towards her.  She builds excellent relationships with others and she does not give up on anything!

Janet – is our numbers guru and makes sure that everything behind the scenes ticks perfectly.  She is the mum to everyone in the team and can always be relied upon to sort out any situation.

Our secret specialist weapon

We have a number of specialist markets but two are at the heart of everything in the business.

Elite Veterinary Staffing Solutions works with veterinary and animal health companies all over the country find both clinical and non-clinical candidates. The team have a combined 30 years’ experience of working with veterinary practices so have used this knowledge to help support this ever-evolving sector.

Our sister brand, Elite Staffing Solutions focus in on helping insurance businesses all over the UK source exceptional talent.  We did not randomly pick this field of expertise, it was carefully selected based on our own knowledge.  MD, Emma Warren spent almost 9 years working in insurance and is Cert CII qualified.    Since 2015 Elite have used this background to recruit hundreds of not only qualified insurance professionals but also bring in new talent to the industry.  We work with regional CII offices to carry out workshops on recruiting and vetting and helps insurance business owners tackle any type of team quandary.

As a team we have a combined 40 years of insurance experience and bags of Cert CII exam passes between us.

If you are in a spin over your recruitment plans and want to find your next superman or wonder woman, why not get in touch for a chat and marvel at what we can do.